When she took office last year European Commission President von der Leyen set a key objective for her team to ensure that Europe’s intellectual property regime is fit for the digital age and supportive of Europe’s competitiveness.

A properly functioning and balanced European patent system is a key element in meeting this objective. In the current public health and economic crisis, getting innovations to market is more important than ever.

This online event, kindly supported by Marion Walsmann, MEP, Member and Vice-Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee and Member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection in the European Parliament, will consider questions such as:

  • Is Europe’s patent system fit for purpose in the digital age?
  • Does Europe’s patent system strike the right balance between protecting inventions to encourage investment and enabling new products and services to reach the public?
  • Should holders of patents that relate to a minor feature of a complex product be ‘armed’ with the threat of removing entire product and service lines from the market, or should this powerful weapon be flexible?
  • Why have Patent Assertion Entities migrated from the US to Europe in recent years?
  • What steps can the EU and Member States take to prevent Europe’s patent system from being exploited by Patent Assertion Entities?

The event will bring together a select group of high-level experts including senior executives from business, European policymakers, Member State officials, judges, lawyers and civil society representatives to discuss these and other questions.

You will learn about the findings of a landmark study from Valerio Sterzi, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Bordeaux: “Non-practicing entities and transparency in patent ownership in Europe” and have the opportunity to engage with speakers and fellow participants.



The event will be moderated by Paul Meller, IP2I Communications Advisor